Road Repair and Resealing Project Update – June 21st

Posted on: June 21st, 2019
Apache Asphalt was hired by the community for repairing and resealing the asphalt in our streets. As of June 21st new concrete curbs have been installed on the center island on Paseo de las Flores where the large palm tree is located. New irrigation lines were installed and plans are in place to install new plants as well as new lighting on the palm tree. New asphalt was laid in that same area to address problems with broken pavement.
Asphalt saw cutting is also taking place on June 21st in seven locations as preparation for asphalt removal and replacement that will be completed on June 24th and 25th.
Homeowners on Jensen Court should plan to park their vehicles on adjacent streets the night of June 24th as this street will be blocked for all traffic entering and exiting on the 25th. There is a relatively large spot in the street where the road surface has sunk that needs to be repaired.
The following are the next major tasks in the project after asphalt removal and replacement:
1. Crack sealing on every street in the community on July 1st and 2nd. No streets will be blocked and traffic will flow as it is normally does.
2. Asphalt sealing across the entire community starting on Dylan Way, Ravean Court and Ranch Road on July 9th
The following is a preliminary schedule for the resealing portion of the project:
  • Dylan Way – July 9th
  • Ravean Court, Ranch Road – July 9th and 10th
  • Hampton Court – July 11th
  • Via Zamia – July 10th and 11th
  • Lauren Court, Alexandra Lane, Brae Mar Court – July 11th and 12th
  • Cypress Hills Drive (north of Samuel Court) – July 15th and 16th
  • Verbana Court, Samuel Court, Paloma Court (south of Cascadia Lane) – July 17th
  • Lynwood Drive (south of Cascadia Lane) – July 18th
  • Heritage Lane, one side of Cascadia Lane and one side of Paloma Court (north of Cascadia Lane) – July 19th
  • Lynwood Drive (north of Paseo de las Flores), one side of Paseo de las Flores (east of Jensen Court to Lynwood Drive) – July 22nd
  • Remaining side of Cascadia Lane and Paloma Court (north of Cascadia Lane) – July 23rd
  • Paseo de las Verdes, one side of Lynwood Drive (between Paseo de las Flores and Cascadia Lane) – July 24th
  • Spanish Bay Court, Alex Way, one side of Cypress Hills Drive (between Paloma Court and Paseo de las Verdes – July 25th
  • Remaining side of Lynwood Drive (between Paseo de las Flores and Cascadia Lane) and remaining side of Paseo de las Flores (east of Jensen Court to Lynwood Drive) – July 26th
  • Jensen Court, Shasta Drive (between Cypress Hills Drive and the gazebo on Shasta Drive) – July 29th
  • Spyglass Court, remaining part of Shasta Drive (from the gazebo to Paseo de las Verdes) – July 30th
The schedule may change due to various factors including weather. Please check our community website under Community News for the latest status. As the resealing begins the work schedule will be updated and shared with homeowners.