Road Resealing Project – Revised Schedule

Posted on: July 4th, 2019

Apache Asphalt has repaired and sealed cracks in the asphalt throughout the community. The final phase of the project is to reseal all of the streets beginning in the most northern part of the community on Ravean Court and Dylan Way starting on Tuesday, July 9th. The entire community’s streets will be resealed by August 1st.

Homeowners will need to park any vehicles that they may need to use in a different location the night before and the night after the street is resealed. Asphalt resealing work starts around 7 AM. The asphalt needs about 24 hours to cure properly. In most cases alternate parking can be found on an adjacent street or across the street where the street is being resealed one side at a time.

Homeowners can walk on the asphalt to their homes after 4 to 6 hours.

Parking enforcement will be suspended from July 9th through August 1st so that no one receives a citation. Expect to see more vehicles parked on the street overnight during this time period. Once the project is completed parking enforcement will resume.

Please notify any visitors, gardeners and other service providers. There will be no impact on trash collection. However, please remove your trash cans on the day of trash removal.

Maps will also be posted on each mailbox. The schedule may change due to various factors including weather. As the resealing begins the work schedule will be updated and shared with homeowners.

Here is a schedule for road resealing by street:

  • North side of Ravean court (even numbers), Dylan Way – July 9th
  • North side of Ranch Road (even numbers), Fairway Vista – July 9th
  • South side of Ravean court (odd numbers), Dylan Way – July 11th
  • South side of Ranch Road (odd numbers), Rainey Court – July 11th
  • Lauren Court – July 10th
  • Alexandra Lane, Hampton Court, Via Zamia – July 12th
  • Paseo de las Flores to Jensen Court, Jensen Court – July 15th
  • Shasta Drive, Spyglass Court – July 18th
  • South Cypress Hills Drive, Alex Way, Paloma Court – July 19th
  • North Cypress Hills Drive, Spanish Bay Court, Paloma Court, Verbana Court – July 22nd
  • South Cypress Hills Drive, Samuel Court – July 25th
  • North Lynwood Drive, Paseo de las Flores (east of Jensen Court) – July 26th
  • Brae Mar Court, Rihely Place, middle of Cypress Hills Drive, Heritage Lane, Paseo de las Verdes – July 29th
  • Cascadia Lane, South Lynwood Drive – August 1st

A detailed map of the resealing project schedule by street is below.


Road Resealing Schedule Map” type=”application/pdf” width=”538″ height=”757″> PDF  Link

Please contact Adria Vey with NN Jaeschke with any questions at either [email protected] or at 858-795-7015.