Upcoming Road Work

Posted on: May 30th, 2019

Beginning on Monday, June 3rd, Encinitas Ranch will begin various street projects. The community solicited proposals from four local road repair and asphalt sealing companies. After a detailed bid analysis Apache Asphalt was selected to complete a number of road repairs including resealing of all of the streets in Encinitas Ranch.

During the week of June 3rd homeowners are strongly encouraged to use Paseo de las Verdes and enter and exit the community due to work on the center island on Paseo de las Flores. 

The following is a summary of the projects.

  • June 3 – 7 Paseo de las Flores entrance island repairs

The concrete curbs around the large palm tree in the center island will be removed and a new slightly larger island will be formed with new concrete curbs. New irrigation and lighting for the palm tree will also be installed. This work will require the use of heavy equipment and will reduce traffic to one lane at some times. There will be flagmen in place to direct traffic. Please follow their instructions. This work will be completed in five  days or less unless weather delays are encountered. Paseo de las Flores will not be closed at any time. Work will begin at 7:30 AM and finish by 5:30 PM each day.

In addition, new lighting will be installed on the center island to display the Encinitas Ranch monument and the palm tree.

  • June 21 – Asphalt saw cutting

On June 21st Apache Asphalt will be saw cutting in seven areas across the community. Some heavy equipment will be used and traffic flow may be impeded for limited times.

  • June 24 – 25 Asphalt repairs on Paseo de las Flores, Jensen Court, Paloma Court, Cypress Hills Drive, Ravean Court and Dylan Way

Starting on June 24 asphalt repairs will be made on several streets due to damage from tree roots, settlement of the asphalt and large cracking. This work will require the use of heavy equipment and this will reduce traffic to one lane in several areas. Please follow the instructions of any flagmen. This work will be completed in two days. Work will begin at 7:30 AM and finish by 5:30 PM.

  • July 1 – 5 Asphalt crack sealing throughout the community

Starting on July 1st Apache Asphalt will be applying a crack sealant to the streets in Encinitas Ranch. There will be directional signs that all drivers should follow. At no time will any streets be closed for traffic. Work will begin at 7:30 AM and finish by 5:30 PM.

  • July 9 – 30 Resealing of all streets

On July 9th work will start on Quail Ridge (Ravean Court and Dylan Way) to reseal all of the streets in the community. The work will proceed from the northern parts of Encinitas Ranch to the south mesa. Street resealing will require all homeowners to park their vehicles overnight on the opposite side of the street or on adjacent streets. On streets with cul de sacs the entire street will be closed to traffic overnight. In order for the sealant to cure no vehicles should drive on the surface until the following morning. Driving on a new resealed road will not only cause damage to the street but to any vehicle as well. Furthermore, if a vehicle does drive on the newly resealed roads the owner will be responsible for any damages.

Pedestrians can walk on the newly sealed roads after about four to six hours. Homeowners will need to develop their own transportation plans in advance of the project. There will be notices placed on mailboxes as well as posts on our community website and emails sent to homeowners outlining the schedule by street. As the work proceeds throughout the community notices will be placed on the front door of all homes two days before the actual work is to take place on that street.

Also, homeowners may need to cancel or reschedule any work being done at their home while their street is being resealed. This would include work such as landscaping, house cleaning and other home repair or maintenance services.

Stay up to date on the latest status of the road work by visiting Community News on our website at:


We believe that the time and effort will pay off handsomely with streets that look nearly brand new and will dramatically enhance the overall look of the community. Thank you for your support in advance.