Notice of Completion

Posted on: July 28th, 2017

Submittal Requirements:

1) Completed and Signed Notice of Completion

2) Digital Photographs of the Completed Work

3) Copies of all permits 

4) Description of any modifications made to the work approved under the Application for Improvement.

Submittal Method:  This NOC must be submitted to the AC through the Management Company or via e-submittal to: [email protected].   The Management Company will forward this NOC to the AC for review.  

Process:  The AC will schedule an onsite inspection of the completed work within 30 days of receipt of this NOC to determine whether the improvements are substantially in compliance with the approved plans and specifications.  Notice of acceptance or noncompliance will be sent to homeowner within 30 days of the actual inspection date.  Please refer to Chapter 6 of the Architectural Standards and Guidelines for more information.