Short Term Parking

Posted on: July 3rd, 2017

Excerpts from the adopted 2016 ERCA Parking Policy – Parking Passes

  1. Each homeowner will receive two (2) “Temporary Guest” passes, which can be used for short-term overnight guests who require street parking.  These Temporary Guest passes may be used by any guest for up to three (3) days in a thirty (30) day period.  Each Temporary Guest pass may be used by more than one guest so long as the 3-day timeframe is complied with by each guest.  For any guest requiring street parking for more than 3 days in any 30-day period, please see below.  Vehicles belonging to guests must display a valid Temporary Guest pass whenever the guest’s vehicle is parked overnight on the street.
  2. Homeowners with guests staying for a longer duration (that will be parked on the street) can request a “Visitor Permit.”  This permit may be applied for through the Management Company and may be issued for a period of up to a maximum of thirty (30) days. Justification must be provided. For example, a Visitor Permit may be issued to homeowners who have college students home for the summer.
  3. Homeowners with unique situations that could require on street parking can request a long term “Special Needs” pass. Examples might include homeowners with family members who require health care providers to visit their homes. Justification must be provided that there are more vehicles than available parking spaces.
  4. Homeowners with more vehicles than available garage and driveway spaces may apply for a bi-annual on street parking permit. Justification must be provided  that there are more vehicles than available parking spaces. Bi-annual on street permits expire every six (6) months and must be renewed at the end of every six (6) month interval.  A maximum of two on street passes will be allowed. Homeowners with additional vehicles should consider off site parking.
  5. In the event a vehicle does not fit in the garage or on the driveway apron, and does not fall within the restricted vehicles as noted in Article 6.1.7 (b) the Board may consider granting this vehicle a waiver to allow for parking on the street.