Homeowners Landscaping Maintenance

Posted on: May 30th, 2019

One of the key attributes that makes Encinitas Ranch a very sought after community to live is well maintained homes, yards and all of the common areas. Everyone needs to do their part to achieve this objective.

This article is just a reminder that we do have formal Architectural and Landscaping Standards in place that we expect all homeowners to follow. Those standards can be found on our Community website at: www.encinitasranch.org under Design in the masthead.

The Architectural Committee which is charged by the board with overseeing the implementation of the standards have recently noticed that some front yards in the community need some additional attention and the community would like everyone to do what they can to optimize the look of their front yards and overall ‘curb appeal’.

The following is a direct excerpt from the Landscaping Standards:

  • Front and backyard landscaping, including lawn areas, must be neatly trimmed and kept free of weeds, dead and diseased plants, trees or grass, trash or debris, and other unsightly materials. There should be no large bare spots where only soil is visible.
  • Ground covers, especially organic mulch, must be refreshed as needed and kept free of weeds.
  • Edging must be kept neat and in good condition.
  • Proper drainage must be maintained.
  • Ground cover, shrubs, and grass shall not encroach into community sidewalks or driveways.

The board and Architectural Committee appreciates everyone’s support with maintaining good landscaping.