Architectural Committee Reports Record Volume in Applications

Posted on: December 12th, 2017

The newly published Architectural Standards is an invaluable tool for any Encinitas Ranch homeowner who is contemplating a new exterior project.  In addition to new Standards the Architectural Committee developed new processes and timelines that dramatically reduced both application review time and application fees.

The new streamlined and cost effective process can only be sustained with the support of every member of the community.

Please ensure that before any improvements are contemplated that the Architectural Standards have been read and understood. These documents can be accessed on our community website at  Incomplete applications and/or submittals steal valuable time from you (the applicant), from the Architectural Committee, and from the management company (driving up fees).  

In addition, please note the time frames needed to complete the review process for each type of application. EVERY homeowner wants his or her application to be approved as quickly as possible.

The best way to move your application through the process quickly is to be as thorough as possible in providing the information needed on your application forms and supporting submittals including fees. 

Homeowners need to be aware that if they start and/or complete ANY exterior work subject to the review and approval of the Architectural Committee without the prior approval of the Architectural Committee they will be subject to a due process hearing with the Board of Directors and could be face substantial fines.   This includes solar installations.