Beckett’s Clean-up Crew – Halloween 2021

Posted on: November 5th, 2021
Halloween 2020 was non-existent due to Covid restrictions and fear.   When Halloween 2021 came around, it was deemed safe to trick or treat and the excitement building in our neighborhood continued to build through decorations, haunted houses and costumes.  Our neighborhood was a buzz.  It was a real treat to see families with their children going door to door, trick or treating.  Just like old times.
As usual, the next day our neighborhood has the remnants of wrappers strewn throughout the streets, planters and sidewalks..  Brightview must put their landscaping tools aside and pick up wrappers, pumpkins and other candy debris.  To our surprise, several children were in the street on Monday morning.  Startled, I looked out my window and saw neighborhood children picking up trash.  Each one had a grocery bag 1/4th full of wrappers.  Immediately, I ran to thank them and inquired who’s idea this was, Tricia Majors said “Beckett”.  Beckett, age 10, did not want “Lunch Lady Laura” to stop serving Cotton Candy, a regular tradition in Encinitas Ranch.  In 2019, Cotton Candy wrappers were thrown throughout the neighborhood causing “Lunch Lady Laura” to reconsider serving Cotton Candy.  In an effort to encourage “Lunch Lady Laura” to continue to serve Cotton Candy on Halloween, Beckett took it upon himself to create a neighborhood clean up crew, complete with uniformed T-shirts, to pick up trash.
Beckett saw a need and rallied a crew to help.  Beckett’s demonstration of leadership, respect for others and community, was truly a sight to see and should be applauded.  Hopefully this article encourages others to be like Beckett and deposit trash where it belongs..  A huge thank you goes to Beckett and his crew!