Board of Directors – Year to Date Accomplishments

Posted on: October 25th, 2017

Letter from the Board of Directors,

Dear Homeowners,

The following is a brief summary of some of the significant accomplishments for the Encinitas Ranch Community Association for year-to-date 2017. Due to the large number of homeowners who are unable to attend the annual meeting we are including this update as part of the annual meeting information.


All of these key accomplishments plus the regular day-to-day management of the community would not have happened were it not for the dedication and focus of the board of directors, members of our landscaping, architectural and community relations (social) committees, and the support from the team at Associa, including Angelita Villanueva and Shari Simpson.

To ensure quorum is met, please vote at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Membership (elections). We also continue to need more committee volunteers. Contact N.N. Jaeschke if you are interested in serving.


Encinitas Ranch Community Association
Board of Directors

ENR- Letter from the Board – Key Accomplishments 2017