Change in Membership Board

Posted on: April 23rd, 2018

At the April 17th membership board meeting the board learned that Mike Terry was resigning as our Treasurer/CFO effective immediately due to a significant increase in his regular work assignments. Mike will be sorely missed.

Mike has served on the board for close to eight years as both chair of the Landscaping Committee and most recently as our Treasurer. During his time on the board he renegotiating the contract with N.N. Jaeschke that allowed our community to gain additional services at no additional cost. Numerous landscaping enhancements were made during his tenure on the Landscaping Committee. As an outcome of his work as Treasurer we find ourselves in excellent financial health with a balanced budget and at 106% of reserves; a remarkable position for any HOA.

The board appointed Surin Mitruka to the board. Surin is a cardiologist by training and also has extensive background and experience in business. He brings very broad and deep credentials that should be invaluable to the board and community. Surin is also joining the Architectural Committee.

The following represents the new roles for members of the board:

  • Dick Stern – President
  • Bill Steiner – Vice President
  • Ed Richardson – Treasurer
  • Chuck Steimle – Secretary
  • Surin Mitruka – Member at large