Common Area Landscaping Reminder

Posted on: June 15th, 2021

Recently the community has seen an increase in damage being done to common area trees that are the responsibility of the community to maintain. This article is a reminder about this issue and we are looking for everyone’s help to avoid future problems.

  • All homeowners are reminded not to remove or trim any common area landscaping. The costs to remove, repair any damage done to common area trees, shrubs or other plants will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner.


  • If a homeowner has a concern over any common area landscaping that might be creating a problem for them please contact Curtis Management at 760-643-2200 before taking any action.


  • The Landscaping Committee will assess any damage and determine if any punitive action should be taken which could include fines, repair and/or replacement of the landscaping


  • The HOA is responsible to maintain all common areas following protocols developed and implemented by subject matter experts including certified arborists


  • Common area landscaping cannot be trimmed or removed to improve views without the approval of the Landscaping Committee and arborist