Conversion of landscaping equipment to battery power

Posted on: April 28th, 2019

BrightView, our landscaping contractor, has already converted all of their leaf blowers, weed eaters, edgers and hedge trimmers from gasoline to battery power. They are taking a proactive lead in this area as many communities are advocating for landscaping maintenance equipment to transition to battery or electric power as part of various climate change initiatives. The benefit is less noise and cleaner air.

The Encinitas City Environmental Commission has already drafted an ordinance to ban all gasoline powered leaf blowers throughout the city. The ordinance is in the process of being operationalized and should go to the City Council in the next several months.

We are advising homeowners to let their landscapers know of this impending change as this ordinance is likely to have more serious financial impacts on the smaller landscapers.

In terms of enforcement, Encinitas is likely to adopt the same approach as Del Mar where if a complaint is received the homeowner could be fined along with the landscaper.

We recommend that homeowners monitor these proposed actions very closely.

In the near future you will also see BrightView beginning to use battery powered lawn mowers as they continue to take a strong leadership role in supporting a healthy environment.