e-bike damage to common areas and trails

Posted on: May 10th, 2023

We wanted to make everyone aware that the community is experiencing a pronounced increase in damage to common areas from e-bikes.   e-bikes offer lots of great benefits to everyone but with them comes the need for more training, caution, oversight and control. Everyone who has an e-bike or has a family member with one needs to do their part in this effort.

The community recently installed new signage in all of the interior parks and trails (shown below) to make residents aware that the trails and sidewalks are meant for pedestrians only. That means no bikes, e-bikes or motorized bikes.

In the past few days a good portion of the trail above the curve on Cypress Hills Drive was damaged by e-bikes. One photo of the damage is below.

Every time we need to fix a trail or install signs means more of our budget has to be redirected from landscaping improvements to repairs.

Please help out. If you see someone causing damage to our common areas tell them to stop and make them aware that by causing this damage they are hurting the entire community.

The owners including parents could be liable for damages.