EDCO Trash Can Pickup

Posted on: March 25th, 2021

As the trees in the community mature and grow we are seeing increased incidents of large branches of parkway trees being torn off or damaged. This requires our landscaper BrightView to spend time and money cleaning up the debris and trimming the broken branches. The answer to the problem is not just to have our tree trimmers cut off the lower hanging branches. Each tree and species of tree has their own unique characteristics and unique tree trimming plans and that may not involve trimming lower branches.

A good number of these incidents are caused by the EDCO trash pick up trucks. We are reaching out to EDCO to ask them to be more careful. However, all of the owners in Encinitas Ranch can do their part to protect our trees by NOT placing their trash cans underneath a large parkway tree. Try to select a spot where the trucks will not encounter a large tree that could interfere with trash removal. By doing so you are helping keep our trees healthy as well as saving us time and money.