Exterior Improvement Application

Posted on: July 13th, 2017

Note:  The Community Association maintains several copies of catalogues detailing the color scheme for each home in the community.  These catalogues are available to Homeowners for reference.  Please see Appendix M (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information or contact the Management Company.

Submittal Method:  This application, plans, samples, fees and other documentation (Submittal Package) must be submitted to the AC through the Management Company via mail or via e-submittal to: [email protected].  The Management Company will forward the completed Submittal Package to the AC for review.

ProcessYour Submittal Package will first be considered by the AC for  pre-approval.  Once the AC has pre-approved your Submittal Package, you will be required to paint an approximate 9-foot square section of the house with the new color scheme. These larger color samples will also have to be reviewed by the AC.  Only after this on-site color sample review and approval may painting begin.  Please note anticipated time frames for architectural review in the Architectural Standards and Guidelines. We encourage applicant to begin this process well before the work is scheduled. 

The obligation to acquire all permits and to assure proper installation and future maintenance of planned improvements in accordance with the CC&Rs, these Architectural Standards and Guidelines, City permits and codes, fire codes, county regulations, manufacturer’s installation guidelines, etc. are the sole duty of – and will remain that of – the homeowner and no review or approval of plans relieves the homeowner of that duty.

See the Fee Schedule for current fees. Major Application fees may apply.