Planning on an external architectural or landscaping project?

Posted on: January 4th, 2021

The Architectural Committee and the board of directors strongly endorse homeowners undertaking improvements to their properties; both inside the house and outside. We encourage well maintained and attractive homes and yards. These enhancements make Encinitas Ranch a more attractive place to live and improve home values for everyone.

If a homeowner plans to make an improvement to the exterior of their house and/or yard it is vitally important that they understand what steps they need to ensure that they are following our Architectural Standards. Those standards can be found on our community website under Design:

If there are any questions about the nature of any improvement and next steps please contact N.N. Jaeschke to avoid future problems. If work is undertaken without following the standards this could result in lengthy delays and additional expenses.

You can contact our administrative assistant, Charise McLaughlin at 858-795-7027 or at [email protected].

Alternatively, the community website offers the means to contact NNJ via ‘Contact Us’ email: