Golf Course Crossing on Paseo de las Flores

Posted on: October 2nd, 2018

It was brought to the attention of the board by the golf course operators, JC Resorts, that more care and attention is needed in entering or exiting the community via Paseo de las Flores. There is a crosswalk for golf carts near the restrooms where drivers should exercise more caution. The speed limit on all parts of Paseo de las Flores is 20 MPH, yet many drivers are speeding well in excess of that speed limit.

In spite of large STOP signs for the golf carts, signage on Paseo de las Flores in both directions and a small speed bump there, continue to be a number of near misses between golf carts and vehicles. Please do your part and slow down and look both ways for golf carts as you approach this crossing.

This is a city owned street and the city is aware of the problem. As part of the recycled water project the city is likely to introduce additional traffic calming plans for this crosswalk. In the meantime, please be extra cautious.