Major South Mesa Slope Landscaping Enhancements

Posted on: February 1st, 2018

As mentioned previously, the landscaping committee has overtly held off making landscaping improvements to the major slopes in the south mesa for the past several years because of uncertainty regarding availability of water. These slopes include those below Lynwood Drive and above Jensen Court, Rihely Place, Brae Mar Court and Verbana Court. It would not have made sense to spend a significant amount of the landscaping budget on projects where the plant materials could die due to potential drought restrictions on water.

With the project to bring reclaimed water to the south mesa common areas now certain of being completed in 2018, the landscaping committee is moving ahead with enhancing these slopes. Beginning in February, the slopes behind Rihely Place and below the 700 block of Lynwood Drive will see major upgrades made. The work will then continue on the slopes behind Brae Mar Court then Verbana Court. Finally, the slopes behind Jensen Court will be addressed either in the fourth quarter of this year or first quarter of 2019 depending on completion of the reclaimed water project and budget outlooks.

The order of the work was prioritized based on existing conditions of the slopes.

We deeply appreciate the support and dedication of the landscaping committee and BrightView.