New portable radar signs

Posted on: April 23rd, 2020

Numerous articles and posts have been written in the past about speeding in the community. A traffic engineer has been hired several times to provide advice and guidance to the board on how to mitigate speeding in the community and provide traffic calming . All of the those recommendations have been implemented.

While these are all helpful the best solution to speeding and traffic calming is for each driver to follow the posted 20 MPH speed limit when driving in the community and to make a firm and hard stop at each posted STOP sign.

There are many small children in the community and we all must be mindful of them and take the time to follow the posted speed limits.

To further assist with controlling speeding an additional portable radar sign was recently purchased. The signs indicate vehicle speed and will flash if the driver is exceeding 25 MPH. These signs are being moved every two weeks to various locations throughout Encinitas Ranch where speeding is more noticeable.

Please follow the posted speed limit of 20 MPH.