Perimeter Wrought Iron Fence Painting to being in October

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019

After a lengthy and detailed proposal and bid analysis process the community has selected Pacific Western to repair and repaint all of the perimeter wrought iron fences starting on or around Monday, October 21st. This work does not involve repairing or repainting any of the perimeter wooden fences or the shared fences between neighbors.

As part of the negotiated terms and conditions the contractor will provide a five year warranty on the work and they will be using an epoxy based paint that should optimize the amount of time before the fences need to be repainted again.

In order for the contractor to perform their work and provide us with that warranty anything hanging or attached on the fence will need to be removed to give the contractor adequate space to repaint. Ideally a one foot clearance is needed. Any plants, shrubs, vines, trees and other materials must be cut, removed or draped back.

Please keep your pets inside as the work is begin done on or near your house.

The contractor will start their work on Quail Ridge and then work southward through Ranch Road, Lauren Court and then on to Devonshire, Via Zamia and then the entire south mesa. They will be posting notices on each house as they get close. The contractor will attempt to contact the owner if they encounter any problems with materials on the fence.

Please cooperate with the contractor and this project. It is in everyone’s best interests that the entire perimeter fencing is repaired and repainted. It reflects well on the community and helps to maintain our property values and strong overall aesthetics.

Please contact Adria Vey, our administrative assistant, with NN Jaeschke at 858-795-7015 or at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.



Encinitas Ranch General Notice Fence Painting” type=”application/pdf” width=”538″ height=”757″> PDF  Link