Reduction on the number of available paint color schemes

Posted on: February 27th, 2020

Based on recommendations from color consultants with the Sherwin Williams paint company the Architectural Committee has decided to reduce the number of color schemes being used in Encinitas Ranch. The master developer and builders introduced close to one hundred different color schemes when the homes in the community were first built around 2000. Since then additional color schemes were introduced to allow for owners to take advantage of new design trends and more current color palettes. This has made it much more difficult for the committee to manage such a large portfolio of color schemes and more difficult for homeowners to choose appropriate colors.

As part of their responsibilities the committee surveys all properties within Encinitas Ranch (from the curbside only) on a semi-annual basis. As an outcome of this analysis and recent survey a decision was made to sunset between 15 to 20 color schemes. This means that when the time comes for a house with one of these color schemes to be repainted the owner will need to choose another color scheme. However, as a courtesy the community will waive the $75 processing fee for review and approval of the exterior paint application.

The committee spent a significant amount of time reviewing color schemes and removed a number based on trends in colors, how and which paint colors degrade over time and which color schemes continue to support the overall look and feel of the community as it ages. Their goal is to help preserve and improve on the general aesthetics and appeal of Encinitas Ranch.

The committee will give the affected owners advance notice of this action to allow for better planning on their part with home improvements.

You can learn more about the community’s Design Standards and our objectives on our website at: The Architectural Standards most recently updated and approved by the membership in April of 2017 provides guidelines for home improvements including structural modifications, landscaping, painting as well as the general appearance of the home and yard.