Reminder about basketball hoops

Posted on: May 26th, 2023

This article is a reminder about the rules in our governing documents concerning basketball hoops. It is great to see children playing basketball in the streets. However it is important to understand that the master developer was concerned enough about this matter that specific language was added to the CC&R’s and the Architectural Standards that outline how basketball hoops are be used and where. These articles were added to help with both safety and to mitigate liability for the community.

Below is recap of the relevant sections of the governing documents.

6.1.19 Basketball Hoops and Other Fixed Sports Apparatus. 
No basketball standards or fixed sports or play apparatus shall be installed or attached to the front of any Dwelling or garage or be erected in any yard without the prior approval of the Architectural Committee. Any portable basketball standards shall be subject to the Community Association Rules and the Architectural Standards.
Architectural Standards:

4.18 Basketball Hoops and Fixed Sports Apparatus  Permanent installation of basketball hoops and other similar sports/play apparatus in the front or sides of a Lot are subject to the approval of the AC.  No apparatus may be attached to the perimeter fences.  AC will consider basketball hoop installations adjacent to the driveway provided the location does not encourage play on any street or otherwise adversely affect adjacent properties.  Backyard installations do not require an application provided the following design guidelines are met: maintain a minimum ten (10) foot setback from all perimeter fences and the residence, conform to all building code requirements, and do not exceed twelve (12) feet in height.  Any variance from these guidelines will require an application.

Some of these basketball hoops are out in the street and we strongly encourage owners to place them on the driveway and off of the street. By leaving these in the street they increase the possibility of accidents and the liability for the entire community if something were to happen. Please give careful consideration to this matter not only for the safety of your children for the overall welfare of Encinitas Ranch.