Repainting your house?

Posted on: November 3rd, 2020

In the past four years over 15% of the homes in Encinitas Ranch have been repainted and many with new color schemes. It is great to see owners actively maintaining and enhancing their properties by repainting.

As mentioned in one of the recent monthly email newsletters the paint color books for the community were recently updated to reflect all of new paint color schemes introduced since 2016.

The Architectural Committee (AC) that currently consists of six members want to reinforce several key points that continue to come up as they review applications for exterior painting:

  • There are no pre-approved paint color schemes or pre-approved colors.
  • While a color scheme may have been approved for one particular house that does not mean that an owner does not need to submit an application to repaint. The AC will judge each paint application based on how each color and the overall color scheme will look on the owner’s particular house. Not every color scheme is ‘transportable’ to another home.
  • The AC will also look at nearby houses when reviewing a paint application to ensure that the proposed color scheme will not conflict with others or be close to duplicating another nearby home’s colors.
  • The AC removed or sunset between 15 and 20 paint color schemes in February of this year. All of these owners with these color schemes were notified through the mail about this change and they will need to pick another color scheme when the time comes to repaint. The process to remove other color schemes is ongoing and is being done to stay current with design trends and to help maintain and boost property values.

Please refer to the Exterior Paint Guidelines on our website for additional details.