Short Term Rentals

Posted on: February 20th, 2018

This post is a reminder that short term rentals of homes in Encinitas Ranch are not permitted per the CC&R’s, Article 6.1.2 Rental of Dwelling.

No Owner may lease such Owner’s Lot or Improvements thereon for hotel, motel or transient purposes. Any lease which is either for a period of of fewer than thirty (30) days or pursuant to which the lessor provides such services normally associated with a hotel, shall be deemed to be for transient or hotel purposes. Any Owner who shall lease his or her Dwelling shall be responsible for assuring compliance by such Owner’s lessee of the Community Governing Documents. 

An owner who violates this article could be subject to a fine. The HOA takes this very seriously as short term rentals can have a very negative impact on the community.

In addition, the City of Encinitas requires all residents who allow for short term rentals to gain a permit that carries with it an 8% fee on all income generated from such rentals. Residents who do not submit an application for such a permit should be subject to significant penalties.