Solar Energy System For Electricity Production Checklist And Certificate

Posted on: July 13th, 2017

To the Encinitas Ranch Community Association: Board of Directors:

I/We intend to install a solar energy photovoltaic (PV) system for electricity production at the address identified above. I/We understand that approval by the Board of Directors/Architectural Committee is required prior to the installation of the system. For that purpose I/we make the following representations and commitments (Check all boxes to indicate you have read and understood these requirements):

  1. I/We understand that solar panels may only be mounted in locations visible from the street when the cost to relocate those panels to other roof areas would increase the total cost of the installation by more than $1,000 or decrease the total efficiency of the system by more than 10%. When solar panels must be mounted in locations visible from the street, a written explanation of the cost increase/efficiency decrease from the Installer will be provided to the Association with the Improvement Application. Note: Corner lots must conceal the solar panels from both street elevations;
  2. Every effort will be made to conceal vertical electrical or service wires and/or conduit from street view. Any exterior-mounted electrical or service wires supporting the solar power system will be installed in appropriate metal conduit and painted to match each adjacent surface it crosses, including stucco walls and roof tiles. All required warning labels will remain visible and unpainted. Wherever possible, vertical conduit will be located adjacent to existing downspouts and horizontal conduit will be located directly under eave overhangs;
  3. Exterior wall-mounted conduit will be installed at 90-degree angles. I/We understand that diagonal installations are not allowed unless additional information is provided to the Association regarding the appropriateness of this unique installation;
  4. Any exterior wall-mounted inverters/DC disconnects will not be installed on the front elevation of the residence;
  5. All new metal roof flashing will be painted to match existing roof flashing;
  6. I/We understand that angled, raised or tilted solar panels are not allowed unless additional information is provided to the Association regarding the appropriateness of this unique installation;
  7. The solar panel modules will not be mounted directly over hips, ridges or eaves;
  8. The new solar module frames are non-reflective;
  9. Copies of all city-required construction plans, drawn to an appropriate architectural scale, indicating the location and quantity of proposed solar panels, the location of all internal and/or external service conduit and the location of the inverter(s) have been provided with this checklist, the Application for Standard Improvements, and all required fees in accordance with the Architectural Standards and Guidelines, Appendix D.  Failure to include any of the above will be considered an incomplete Application and additional submittal fees may be required;
  10. The solar power system will meet all applicable health, safety and fire standards and/or requirements imposed by state and local permitting authorities;
  11. Installation will not be commenced until all required Association approvals and City construction permits have been obtained.
  12. The installation of the solar power system will be performed in a professional manner. Care will be taken to avoid damaging roof tiles or disturbing the existing construction assemblies of the roof or adjacent surfaces. I/We understand that exposed roofing underlayment or broken roof tiles are not allowed upon completion of the work; and
  13. At all times after installation, the solar power system and all accessory components will be kept in a constant state of good condition, repair and appearance. I/We understand that if at any time the remaining useful service life of the roof finish is less than that of the solar power system, it may be necessary to remove the panels in order to repair or replace the roof finish and that the Association has the right to determine when maintenance or replacement of the solar power system or roof finish may be required.

NOTE: Deviations to these Solar Panel quality standards and installation requirements must be identified within the submittal documents and will be considered by the Board of Directors / AC on a case-by-case basis. Note: Additional information and/or review fees may be required.


The Owner(s) acknowledges that if any of the above representations is found to be false or any of the above commitments are breached at any time, the Encinitas Ranch Community Association Board of Directors/AC may require the immediate removal of the PV solar power system and all of its components and the return of the roof to its original condition and appearance.

Fee Schedule. Major Application fees may apply.