Synthetic Turf Installation For Front Yards Checklist And Certificate

Posted on: July 13th, 2017

To the Encinitas Ranch Community Association: Board of Directors;

I/We intend to install synthetic turf in the front yard or areas that are visible to the community common areas at the address listed above. I/We understand that approval by the Board of Directors/Architectural Committee is required prior to the installation. For that purpose I/we make the following representations and commitments (Check all boxes to indicate that you have read and understood these requirements): 

  1. Only First Quality turf with a minimum 10-Year warranty against fading and fiber degradation will be used for this installation.  A minimum one (1) square foot sample of the synthetic turf together with manufacturer’s documents indicating the type of turf, full specifications, and warranty must be provided with this Checklist and Application.
  2. The synthetic turf will have a thatch layer with a minimum (30%) brown blade. The primary turf blades will be composed of a minimum two-tone green mix in muted colors to match natural “Fescue” grass;
  3. The primary synthetic turf yarn type will be lead-free and composed of virgin polyethylene, with polypropylene yarn used for supplementary purposes only;
  4. The tufted pile height will be no less than 1.5” and no greater than 2”;
  5. The minimum tuft bind will be 8 lbs/SY, and the minimum pile face weight will be 55 oz/SY;
  6. A minimum of 1 layer (at least 7 oz/SY) Polybac perforated primary backing will be installed (alternate drainage backing materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis). A minimum 20 oz/SY polyurethane secondary backing will be attached to the synthetic turf;
  7. A minimum of 3” of existing natural soil will be removed and a minimum of 3” of new SE 30 rated permeable decomposed granite or Class 2 Road leveling base will be added and compacted to at least 95% of maximum density;
  8. A commercial grade weed barrier will be incorporated into or installed below the synthetic turf;
  9. Infill material will be anti-microbial acrylic coated round or low dust #20 silica sand particles;
  10. All sections of the synthetic turf will be installed with the grain pattern facing the same direction. For front yard installations the grain will be directed towards the main street;
  11. A water, fungus and mildew-resistant industrial adhesive formulated for synthetic turf installations will be used to bond the synthetic turf seams (alternate seam bonding methods will be considered on a case-by-case basis). The edges of all turf areas will be secured with mechanical fasteners, stakes or a minimum one (1) inch thick solid edging. The location, material and color of any proposed solid edging has been indicated on the submittal plan;
  12. The synthetic turf will be separated from community sidewalks and the exterior walls of the primary residence with a minimum twenty four (24) inches wide planting area and any trees remaining inside the synthetic turf area will have a minimum twenty four (24) inch diameter clearance around the trunk and will remain irrigated;
  13. The synthetic turf will be installed with a smooth slightly crowned surface for drainage and all surface water run-off will be collected in appropriate drains or catch basins as indicated on the submitted plans;
  14. An accurate Existing front yard plan and a Proposed front yard plan shall be provided with this Checklist, the Application for Standard Improvements, and all fees in accordance with the Architectural Standards and Guidelines. Failure to include any of the above will be considered an incomplete Application and additional submittal fees may be required;
  15. The synthetic turf installation will be performed by a qualified, bonded, insured and California-licensed company having a minimum of five (5) years of experience in the installation of synthetic turf; and
  16. At all times after installation, the synthetic turf and all its components shall be kept clean, sanitary and in a constant state of good maintenance, including regular cleaning and seam repair, to assure its acceptable long-term appearance.  The synthetic turf will not be allowed to exceed its useful service life or become excessively faded or discolored.  The Association has the right to determine when maintenance or replacement of the synthetic turf may be required.

The Owner(s) acknowledges that if any of the above representations is found to be false or any of the above commitments are breached at any time, the Encinitas Ranch Community Association Board of Directors/AC may require the immediate removal of the synthetic turf and all of its components and the return of the front yard to its original condition and appearance.

Fee Schedule found at the end of the Exterior Improvements Application, Section D. Major Application fees may apply.