Is it time to spruce up your home?

Posted on: May 14th, 2018

Encinitas Ranch is a beautiful and well-maintained community.  We all take a great deal of pride in our homes and surrounding property investing in both improvements and on-going maintenance.  Sometimes we get so busy we stop seeing the maintenance needs creeping up.  Now would be a good time to do an inspection of your home and take note of any needed work.

Here is a quick checklist:

  1. All surfaces and improvements are clean and in good repair.
  2. Painted and stained surfaces have no fading or peeling.
  3. Roofs are in good repair and free from staining.
  4. Windows and doors are in good repair, functional and attractive.
  5. Landscaping is healthy, attractive and trimmed appearance.
  6. Slope banks are planted to prevent erosion and to create an attractive appearance. (Bare ground is not an acceptable condition.)
  7. Hardscapes are free from breakage and staining.
  8. Pools and spas are clean and well maintained. Pool equipment is screened and functioning well to minimize noise.