Update on our Mello Roos taxes

Posted on: February 4th, 2021

The board and NNJ regularly receive questions about our Mello Roos taxes that are part of our semi-annual property tax bills. Buried in the tax statement you receive from the San Diego County Tax Assessor is a line item for CFD #1 (Community Facilities District #1). CFD #1 was established in 1995 as part of the implementation of a formal development agreement between the City of Encinitas and the developer of Encinitas Ranch, the Carltas Corporation. The purpose of creating this tax district was to allow for the issuance of bonds for pay for all of the infrastructure in Encinitas Ranch including the streets, sewer services, drainage and water lines necessary to support the building of the Encinitas neighborhoods.

There are 934 homes in CFD#1 that include the 500 homes in Encintas Ranch and three other HOA’s. Contributions to repayment of these bonds are made by all of the homes in CFD#1, the Encinitas Town Center and the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course (through the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority).

Homeowners may have questions about the taxes that are levied on them as part of being in CFD#1 and nearly all questions can be answered by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that are posted on our community website under Community Background Information. We update the data in these FAQ’s on an annual basis. Below is a link that will take you directly to that portion of our website:


You will also find a table under Community Background Information that calculates your contribution to these taxes as well as a table that details the contribution to repaying these bonds by the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority (ERGA).

Under the current plans the bonds will be totally paid off in 2029.