Updates to Architectural Standards Appendices

Posted on: May 22nd, 2018

In the past few weeks several changes were made to Appendix H (Perimeter Fence Specifications) and Appendix I (Glass Wall Checklist) of the Architectural Standards. These changes were made as a direct result of a new scenario for installing a glass wall as well as new information regarding the CMU block that is used throughout the community for our perimeter block walls.

Below is a brief summary of the changes to each appendix:

Appendix H (Perimeter Fence Specifications)

  • The Architectural Committee discovered that the CMU block used during construction of the community: RCP Padre Brown, is not longer available in small quantities for repairs or installation of block walls as needed.
  • As a result of detailed analysis by the Architectural Committee a decision was made to change the CMU block color from ‘Padre Brown’ to ‘Otay Brown’ or ‘Mission’ depending on location, lighting, etc. Both Otay Brown and Mission are available at RCP Block on Vulcan Avenue or their other locations as a standard color.
  • Please consult the Architectural Committee (AC) through NN Jaeschke with any questions.

Appendix I (Glass Wall Checklist)

  • The changes made provide greater detail on requirements for a foundation CMU block wall where none existed including the requirement that the new masonry wall cannot be less than 12” high as measured from the outside grade
  • In addition, details are provided on how the base shoe for the glass wall should be mounted on top of the wall cap rather than splitting the wall cap

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