Encinitas Ranch August 2021 Update

Posted on: August 27th, 2021

Encinitas Ranch Community Association August 2021 Update

Oktoberfest Event – Saturday, September 25th, EUSD Farm Lab

The community will be holding our traditional Oktoberfest event on Saturday, September 25th, from 3 to 6 PM at the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) Farm Lab at 441 Quail Gardens Drive.

Bring the entire family, neighbors and friends!

There will be traditional German food including hot dogs and bratwurst as well as snacks and dessert. A wide variety of beverages will be available including water, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Plenty of free parking is available on site.

The Garden of Eden Petting Zoo will also be at the event along with the ‘Bubble Guy’, games, arts & crafts for kids. The facility is a great area to explore.

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REMINDER – Property Management Company Change

As a reminder, the association awarded Curtis Management Company, Inc. to manage our community beginning June 1st.

Curtis Management is mailing monthly billing statements for our association’s assessments. Every member should have received these monthly mailings. If you have not received anything from Curtis Management please contact them at 760-643-2200 or by email at [email protected]

Automatic Debit: Please note that if you had your monthly assessment deducted from your checking account with N. N. Jaeschke, that service will have been terminated and you will need to set up the automatic payments with Curtis Management. They have made this process easy by allowing you to apply for this online.

If you need assistance with paying your monthly assessments you can also contact Trisha Somerville at 760-643-2200 or at [email protected]com.

Park and Pathway Lighting Project

Work is underway to complete an infrastructure project that will provide more lighting to the two small parks in the south mesa between Paloma Court and Cypress Hills Drive.

These parks currently have no lighting and could create an unsafe situation for walkers at night. Down lighting is being installed at several locations in each park. Illumination and timers at night will be adjusted as necessary to avoid bright lights.

Also, pathway lighting above the ground will be installed in the short pathway at the bottom of the curves on Cypress Hills Drive. This is another area that is currently without any lighting.

The expectation is that this work be completed the week of September 13th.

Guidelines for trimming mature trees

As the community matures so does all of the landscaping and trees. Encinitas Ranch has over 1700 trees to maintain and our landscaping contractor, BrightView, and certified arborist follow rigorous specifications and objectives agreed to with the Landscaping Committee. This committee is charged by the board with maintaining the 30 acres of land inside the physical boundaries of the community and all of the trees.

BrightView follows ISA and ANSI pruning standards with a combination of approved pruning practices depending on the species, and location. Structure pruning is focused on strong structure that coincides with the trees natural shape and growth patterns. Crown cleaning cleans out any dead wood over one foot in diameter that form the tree crown. Crown raising clears the canopy form homes, cars, pedestrians and other items that may obstruct with their canopy. Occasionally where needed they will also do some crown reductions on specific limbs to reduce their end weight load or to clear an object.

Their annual scope of work focuses on the entire community alternating species based on growth rate and location each year. Not all trees grow at the same rate or require pruning every year, while others have a faster growth rate or are in locations that interact more frequent with the community and need pruning annually.

The more a tree is pruned the more stress it incurs and also the more it will respond with growth to replace what was removed both in the canopy and root system as well. Their overall goal is to slow the growth down on the community trees, so there will be less maintenance, while maintaining healthy safe trees.

We thought it would be helpful to publish a short synopsis of the guidelines used to maintain healthy and safe trees. These are based on findings from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). These can be used to help homeowners provide the proper guidance to their own landscapers and tree trimmers.

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e-bikes on golf course

Recently the superintendent of the golf course, Todd Kochanowski, reached out to us regarding e-bikes being ridden around the golf course and causing significant damages to various areas including the greens. The golf course is private property and no one should be walking or riding on a bike on the cart paths, tee boxes, fairways and greens. They have had to hire a security guard to monitor the course as they close down at dusk. Someone caught causing damage will be prosecuted.

We appreciate your help so we can all have fun and stay safe on our roadways and trails. Please communicate the need to stay off of the course to everyone especially those own e-bikes. By damaging the golf course it affects all of us. Let’s be good neighbors.

Community News and Monthly Board Meetings

Please be sure and check all of the latest news and monthly posts about Encinitas Ranch:

Also, for the time being the monthly board meetings are being held in person at our property managers office (Curtis Management) on the third Wednesday of every month starting at 5 PM. All homeowners are welcome to attend. If you are unable to attend you can provide input for a board meeting. Please contact Pat Campbell, the president of Curtis Management and our property manager at [email protected] Pat will ensure that your questions or concerns are shared with the board.

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